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Huge Money Saving Tax Advice for Home Based Entrepreneurs | Podcast Interview

income tax savings interviews tax secrets book tax write offs Jul 15, 2022
microphone representing a podcast interview with doug collins on the tax savings for home-based business

A month after my Write-Off Almost Anything tax book was published on Amazon; I received a message from Steven Placey inviting me to be a guest on his Rock Your Business Podcast.

That was my first interview as a self-published author. After the interview we became friends on our social media platforms and kept in touch sharing business ideas.  

As Steven wrote in the show notes: Great interview today with Doug Collins, author and coach helping home-based Entrepreneurs save thousands on their taxes. If you work out of your home office, then this podcast is must!

Sadly, Steven passed away a year later after being sick for the last week from COVID related pneumonia. I really enjoyed getting to know Steven. He was a great guy. RIP brother! 🙏

We covered many important topics during this interview, here is an overview.

  • Write-Off Almost Anything Book
  • Save thousands in income tax
  • Tax preparers giving bad advice
  • Importance of tax planning
  • Business use of home expenses
  • What to do with your tax refund
  • Home business tax secrets course
  • Vehicle expenses and record keeping
  • Red flags for an audit

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