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Hello, I'm Doug Collins. Welcome to my website. You may be here because you're looking for answers, just like I was all those decades ago. Understanding what you can and cannot write off in your home business can be confusing, and it often conflicts from one source to another. I do get it!

My Journey Leaving Corporate

In 2010, my corporate role was dissolved due to a company-wide restructure, that's when I seized the opportunity to transition into full-time self-employment. Since then, my journey has been featured on various media platforms including podcasts, magazines, TV, radio, and newspapers, amplifying my message and reinforcing the need to support others in understand home business tax write offs.

Doug Collins went from corporate executive to home-based entrepreneur and best-selling author as featured in the Chronical Herald Newspaper (Nova Scotia, Canada) and the website on January 23, 2023

While reducing my own income tax burden, I recognizing a widespread need for this information in the home business sector, I created "Home Business Tax Secrets," an online course and coaching system designed to assist fellow home-based entrepreneurs in understanding and leveraging the many tax write offs available to them.

Becoming a Published Author

In the face of a global pandemic, I stayed commitment to supporting others, and decided to author a book designed to aid home-based businesses. The first edition publication in August 2020, "The Home-Based Business Guide to Write-Off Almost Anything," received widespread praise, earning the distinction of being a #1 Best Selling author on Amazon. Doubling down on that success and in response to reader feedback, I published the 'Updated and Expanded' second edition of the book in February 2023, which swiftly climbed the ranks to become another Amazon bestseller.

Operating My Own Home Business

Today, I'm actively expanding my own home-based business while also supporting a community of driven home-based entrepreneurs with a focus on tax write-offs, inside a private Facebook group called the Home Business Tax Secrets where I post daily insights, tax tips and strategies, as well a continue to write blog articles on this website and my other marketing site. 

Break Free from Tax Stress

Are you aware that the government is taking more tax dollars from you than necessary? It's time to stop overpaying on taxes and regain control. With the home business sector booming, claiming your tax write-offs should not be so confusing. Dive into Home Business Tax Secrets Made Simple system and private community for personalized mentorship and advice. Ready to transform your tax strategy? ENROLL NOW and start saving!

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