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About Doug Collins

In 1998, in his early 20’s, Doug started his first home-based business marketing wellness products online. With humble beginnings and a great interest in understanding the internet, Doug quickly built an international part-time business from home changing lives, and educating consumers on his website, hosting seminars and live teleconference calls.

Two decades later, in late 2010, Doug discovered that his corporate executive position was going to be terminated because of a North American reorganization and merger. That’s when he took the leap and walked away from a 22-year corporate career to follow his long-held dream, to make his part-time home business a full-time venture.

Today Doug works from home living life on his terms as a veteran online marketer, certified health coach, and self-confessed home business tax geek having written the Amazon best selling book titled The Home-Based Business Guide to Write-Off Almost Anything and creating The Home Business Tax Secrets Course & Productivity System. A comprehensive coaching system that has helped other home business understand the tax loopholes and save thousands in income tax annually.

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You can often find Doug sharing his message on podcasts, radio, tv and newspapers. To learn more about Doug's personal and professional life journey, visit Bedford Living Magazine online publication.


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