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Tax Write-Off Myth #5: You Can Use Google To Find All Your Answers

income tax savings tax myths Jul 05, 2022
home business tax secrets myths picture of doug collins book titled the home-based business guide to write-off almost anything

The Google thing comes up now and then. I've heard it a few times even as feedback about my book... "Why do I need that, when I can get all the answers on Google?".

Sure, you could probably just search Google and find all the answers you need. Google has the answers for just about everything in the universe... right?

But what we don't know we don't know... so what do you even search for? Where do you start? How would you search for something when you don't always even know what questions to ask?

Even if you did know some questions to ask do you really want to waste all that time trying to learn this by yourself? Figuring out who's opinion your are reading, what is their source? What experience do they have in this area?

If you found some answers but did not understand something or it was conflicting information you would be heading down the rabbit hole searching Google again for more details, for the new question that was raised from reading the original question.

I get it! I've been there! That's I how started 20 years ago. It took me years to learn what I know now. That's why I want to help you to shorten the learning curve. Avoid all that pain and wasted time.

That's why I decided to write a book titled The Home-Based Business Guide To Write-Off Almost Anything and created the course The Home Business Tax Secrets Course & Productivity System. These are simple and effective ways for me to share and download to you my 20+ years of experience, and just hand you everything you need to get started and shortcut this learning curve without all the hassle of trying to figure it out alone? Fumbling through hours of websites on Google! Ugh!

Imagine cutting out all that time and effort, and focusing on precisely what you need to know (and do) that will make this simple and save you thousands in tax dollars annually. What is the value of asking a real person in the home business trenches like you for the last 20+ years?

I'm here to help! My vision is to change the way home-based business views taxes! There's no reason to be Stressed & Worried about Tax Season! I believe you are in this group because you already know Google is NOT the best way forward!

As Judy Gilman says in the below video, "When I first left the clinical practice setting and started my own business the first thing I realized and thought about was, I don't know anything about business. I know all about diabetes. We need someone to guide us with tax deductions".

This is Myth #5 in a 7 part series:

Take the Mystery Out of Home-Based Business Tax Write-Offs!

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